About Us

Our family owned and operated farm is located in the rolling hills of central Ohio in Knox County, an hour north of Columbus, near Mount Vernon in Fredericktown. We started farming in 1987 with an eye to finding a healthful and satisfying life for our family and future generations. We have developed that small start into our current successful farm and homestead operation.


LOCALLY PROCESSED with no water added...

We do not use herbicides on our farm. No hormones are added. Antibiotics are used only in rare individual cases. We are considering organic certification.

The pasture base on our farm is approximately 180 acres, on which we use intensive grazing to raise our sheep and cattle.
This is good for the land, good for the animals, and produces meat that is healthy for us to eat. Grass fed meat is higher in omega 3 fatty acids and has many other benefits over grain fed meat.
Pasted Graphic We are now experimenting with draft horse power using a pair of half linger draft ponies named Molly and Polly. Aside from receiving excessive amounts of carrots and snuggles these girls spend their time horse logging in the winter and cultivating and hauling in the summer. We are in the process of training them to ride as well.

Through the years we have learned a great deal, not only about farming and natural, sustainable agriculture, but also about nutrient-dense food. We are continually seeking out new information and trying new methods in our efforts to improve our farm and homestead and the products we sell. We share what we know with our local community through workshops, conferences, farm tours, and working with student interns from nearby Kenyon College.

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We use intensive grazing because we have found it to be the best for the animals, the environment, and the quality of meat. Our sheep and cattle

move to a new pasture frequently (daily at times). Grass fed meat is higher in omega 3 fatty acids and has many other benefits over grain fed meat.

Lambs are born in February through May, in sunny, warm hoophouses (plastic covered arched greenhouses). As soon as the weather permits, the lambs and their moms
move out to lush spring grass. They and their mothers have plenty of space in the fresh air and sunshine. The lambs are grass fed and have access to fresh water and salt with trace minerals. Some hay may supplement their diet in low pasture growth season. The sheep
are moved to new pasture frequently.

Calves are usually started by nursing at their mother's side or by our family cow.
Cattle are grass fed and have access to fresh water and salt with trace minerals. They are free to roam in the fresh air and sunshine. Some hay may supplement grass in low pasture growth season. The cattle are moved to new pasture frequently.

Meat chickens
are moved daily to fresh grass, have organic broiler feed available and fresh water at all times, and are sheltered from sun, rain and predators in moveable pens.

Summer pigs
are raised on pasture with lots of room to roam. They love to forage and root in the soil. Winter pigs have an area in one of the warm hoophouses with lots of room to run and play. They get extra vegetables
stored from the summer garden and harvested from our winter greens hoophouse. The pigs also have access to plenty of clean water and fresh air.

Our lamb, beef, pork and chicken processing is done locally at an ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture) or USDA inspected facility. Meat is frozen at the butcher and vacuum packed in clear plastic for good visibility and clearly labeled with cut and weight.

Our eggs are from free range, pastured hens
that eat greens, organic layer mash, and forage outdoors enjoying the green grass and fresh air and sunshine. In the winter they have a hoop house for shelter and range outside on warmer days. At no time of the year are they caged. They lay their eggs in nest boxes in fresh hay.
Eggs are collected daily or more frequently.

From November through April, we have selected mixed winter salad and cooking greens.
Availability is limited. Our winter vegetables are grown on our farm in our garden and in a hoop house using compost as fertilizer. We use no pesticides or herbicides. The hoop house extends our growing season.

For pets
we have treats of dehydrated lamb and beef: doggie favorites! (Cats love them, too!) We also have natural hickory smoked lamb or beef bones for gnawing.

Our products are generally available year-round.