Our approach to permaculture design

The way we like to approach permaculture design is to do well by doing good. If we can help create as diverse and resilient and bountiful an ecosystem as possible, the more that ecosystem will provide benefits for us.

This spring, the ponds in front of our house are filled with toads and tree frogs singing their little hearts out. We built the ponds mostly to provide habitat for these amphibians, but as a result, we have very few problems with bug or mosquitoes in the homestead. We also have ducks visiting the homestead and the water source is used by song birds, bats, and pollinating insects. The ponds also help control flooding, and the frogs and toads provide food for garter snakes and black rat snakes that help control garden pests and mice that eat our stored feed.

Our ecosystem almost never lets a good deed go unrewarded.