Quarter Beef

Quarter Beef

$5.00 /lb.
Avg. 125 lb.

Grass-fed and finished beef at our best price for an affordable feast.  One wholoe beef fits easily in a large chest freezer (15 cubic feet) while a quarter beef fits nicely in a small chest freezer.  Stock up for the season with a purchase that helps take care of meel planning, budgeting, and gives you delicious, healthy, grass-fed beef for the whole year!  Or but a portion and split it with friends, family, and neighbors to also get community included in the bargain!

Here’s how it works:

1. You put in your order (Yaaay!)

2. We get in touch to pick a processing date that works for both of us.

3. After the processing date, we update your invoice.

4. You call the butcher with your cutting instructions.4A. If you’ve got questions about step 4, give us a call!

5. You pay the butcher (which usually ends up being about $1.00/lb) and us ($4.25/lb). 

6. You feast upon your bounty for months to come!